Africa Financing: Securitization Fund and Investment Fund Structure for Large Corporations and SME loans


Securitization Fund – Mauritius Investment Fund Structure for Large Corporations and SME loans

Choosing a proper jurisdiction for building a securitization fund or for asset tax planning is a key aspect of proper consultation by the securitization firm that you work with. To build a securitization fund, we recommend working with our Financial firm licensed within Mauritius to conduct financial advisory services and form funds, offshore companies, and apply for licenses on behalf of others. Ideal for the developing markets of Asia, India, and Africa, Mauritius is strategically located in the Indian Ocean and is one of the most transparent economies in Africa. Funds are ideal as Investment Funds or for Funds that hold assets and cash flow. For the purpose of your business, our consortium at Bank Securitization build both.

Building a Mauritius Securitization Fund or Investment Fund structure takes 3-6 months depending on the preparation process for combining the net asset value of the various intended loans or units the Fund will be taking part in, and the preparation of the assets that will back the Fund. The economy of Mauritius is stable, with much success in attracting foreign investors, large institutional investors, and has tax treaties with many of the major global markets.

Utilizing Securitization Funds as a tax strategy for large corporations is an excellent strategy for corporate structure as well, and various large corporations globally should and have considered Mauritius to house the securitization of “royalties”, revenues, and asset values. Accounting practices can expand on the value of securitization of assets for tax benefits and the utilization of a fund structure in a jurisdiction such as Mauritius. However, large corporations like Apple, Microsoft, and multinationals build SPVs with this same purpose in mind, however, securitization funds are the most legally secure method of housing returns and revenue.

Securitization Investment Funds for SME’s are also a growing market within China, America, and Australia, with growing interest in India, Canada, and Africa. Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Finance has given over 800,000 microloans in 2 years of having structured their micro-loan Securitization Investment Fund, which is backed by the combination of all of the SME loans given by the organization. SolarCity was one of the first to utilize a Green Securitization or Solar Securitization model for financing of over $70 million USD. Energy projects, SME loans, and all asset based mechanisms that can be combined together to give a decent fixed rate of return are ideal structures for financing and attracting investors to your fund or company. The most flexible market with the highest level of respect for Fund structures is within Mauritius. Most offshore or tax friendly jurisdictions simply do not have the expertise to build a securitization investment fund. Luxembourg and Mauritius are two of the few markets that have built viable methods, regulations, and ease of structuring such vehicles. However, the cost of building a Fund in Mauritius is considerably less, the timeframe is quicker, and the market is highly respected.

It is important to note, not only do Governments recognize Mauritius and the securitization structures as a positive method of housing assets and cash flow of organizations, but investors recognize the market as an attractive place to do business. The formation of global treaties and partnerships secure the assets and capital of companies and investors alike, of which international best business practices and sustainable development has been acknowledge by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Financial Action Task Force, and the World Bank.

Mauritius has a beneficial time zone between Europe and Asia, enabling the market to cater to Europe, Africa, Australia, India, Asia, and the GCC Countries who may be looking for a structure with an active office to run administration and support for the Securitization Fund. In addition, the fund structures can set-up agencies within other Countries to promote and educate the funds purpose. Similar to a licensed brokerage house, the fund enables working with the financial markets to promote the purpose of the business or Securitization Vehicle.

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Important Points to Consider about Mauritius:

  • Ranked 1st in Africa in the World Bank doing business report 2013
  • A Stable secure and diversified market that is globally competitive
  • Gateway to Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and GCC
  • Asia, India, Africa, and Europe are moving from Luxembourg and other markets, Mauritius is fast becoming domicile of choice
  • Double taxation agreements in place
  • Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements secure investors and institutions alike
  • Bilateral agreements with Europe, Africa, and Asia countries to allow a best of breed SPV for your firm
  • Is a member of COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern African countries
  • Is a center of financial excellence with top 5 accounting firms, a pool of qualified accountants, legal professionals, financial advisors, banks, and internationally trained individuals to the IFRS standard
  • Ideal for supporting the initiatives of securitization such as the South African Securitization Forum, China Securitization Forum, Australia Securitization Forum, and various supporting entities who can enable a tax benefit structure and deploy within the jurisdiction a Fund for their own business or SMEs
  • Build a fund from $50 million USD to $1 billion + USD to financially fund projects within the jurisdiction and have it listed on the local Mauritius Stock Exchange with the potential to dual list or cross list internationally


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