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The first part of any financial product is planning for the future. Naturally assets that are securitized or are held in custodian are done so to make the instrument for trading, for delivering a fixed income, or as collateral. Therefore, the natural first step is to build an offshore structure of which the assets ownership, income, and future value rests within. In short, to build a company where the future income earned enters into and the asset is protected.

Within our brochure, we will show you how Safe Keeping Receipts SKRs are built, how to have offshore structures, and what the best Bank to use is for the MT 799 or MT 760. Click here to view the brochure:SKRBrochure or click here

Step 1: Building the Belize International Business Corporation and SKR

  • Time to Complete:5 – 10 business days
  • Belize Corporation Cost:$1,500 USD (2 business days)
  • Safe Keeping Receipt with ISIN Number:25,000 GBP (5 business days)

The Belize International Business Corporation comes with:

– A corporation and structure to hold the asset within an offshore jurisdiction or pledged to it with full rights to enter into agreements and receive capital

– A Bank Account to receive the capital earned from the asset or trading activities of the Company

– A competent local Director to sign agreements, transfer and operate the funds, pay invoices, operate activities as seen fit

– The Share Ownership of the company is in Bearer Shares, which means your holding of the shares defines your ownership of the Company, however, there is no record of the owner of the Bearer shares publicly held, this disclosure is up to the owner

Upon forming the company, the asset is protected within the Belize Corporation which has been set-up to contract with the Securitization Company to form the safe keeping receipt.

*Compliance Documents Required:

  • 3 Copies of an Original Notarized copy of a valid Government Issued Passport
  • 3 copies of a bill or Government Tax Return with the address of the Passport Holder no older than 3 months old
  • All ownership documentation for the assets, valuations, and third party data
  • For opening a Bank Account, there is a requirement of a Bank Reference within a Bank that the client has done business in for over 2 years;
  • And a professional reference from a Lawyer, Accountant, Auditor, or Doctor that they have known the client for over 2 years and have conducted their business in an orderly and lawful manner

These compliance documents will also be used for formation of the SKR and Banking required Know Your Client applications.

Safe Keeping Receipt with ISIN

The Belize Structure signs an agreement with the UK custodian structure securitizing the asset and forming a Safe Keeping Receipt with an ISIN registered with the UK London Stock Exchange.

Through the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt we allow our clients to utilize our infrastructure as a custodian / fiduciary third party holder’s holder of their assets for the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt (SKR).

Financial institutions request Safekeeping Receipts from asset owners for numerous reasons, such as: Proof of ownership, Proof of Funds, a legal tender for financing, etc. Among others we issue SKR’s for the following Assets:

  • • Oil and Natural Reserves
  • • Collectibles, Art and Antiques
  • • Gold, Precious Metals or Gems
  • • Real Estate, Titles to properties, Above Ground Assets
  • • Commercial Property
  • • Shares, Bonds
  • • Valuable Documents
  • • Patents

We are able to arrange the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt for your ILLIQUID ASSETS and assign to it an ISIN/SEDOL code that is registered and verifiable in the London Stock Exchange – SEDOL screen as well as having the capability of SWIFT Transfers.

The advantages of our SKR’s over the traditional SKR’s are:

  1. By assigning an ISIN/SEDOL code the SKR becomes a financial instrument that can be deposited in any brokerage account and therefore enhancing access to the capital markets;
  2. Also, the issuer-specific limitations are minimized when it comes to the probability of raising capital, as our SKR’s are broken into certificates that can be distribute to multiple parties in denominations;
  3. The funding sources are automatically diversified as it can targets institutional investors and also be utilized for transaction structures (i.e. Mergers and Acquisitions, etc.);
  4. Availability to utilize the financial instrument to complete mergers and acquisitions as well as divestitures, more efficiently;
  5. We can also register the security with a Registrar and a Securities Exchange (if needed). Therefore, the ILLIQUID ASSET exchanges hands in the form of Certificates of Beneficial Interest (as stocks and bonds do) and such certificates can be deposited in any securities account or Brokerage Account (please remember: it has been assigned an ISIN/SEDOL code) hence eliminating the previously necessary physical delivery (bearer form) as all transactions take place as a book entry in the offices of the Registrar, who is also the issuer of the SKR.

Step 2: Bank Messaging Services and Delivery of theSKR

Time to Complete:5 – 10 business days

Safe Keeping Receipt MT799:25,000 GBP to 50,000 GBP depending on the Bank (5 business days)

The Belize Company signs the contracts as does the UK Custodian, to deposit the safe keeping receipt with the Bank. The Bank can either be a “Investment Bank” which is a non-rated Bank with the ability to send a swift message or a “rated Bank” which would be in the top 25 in the World.

An unrated Investment Bank will charge 25,000 GBP for swift of an MT799 message to another Bank to confirm the deposit and value of the SKR within their firm. This is generally a white-label of the Swift service that only investment banks and brokerage houses can qualify for.

A rated Bank, due to their size and sovereign guarantees of their Countries Bank Act’s, the fees for the MT 799 of the full value of the SKR is often 45,000 GBP to 50,000 GBP for sending the SKR MT 799 message.

In addition, there is a 1.5% custodian fee per annum that is deducted monthly or quarterly. Generally the first 12 months is included in the pricing, however, it depends on the custodian.

Once the MT799 is sent, and a confirmation is sent back from the receiving accounts department, the service is completed.

Click here to view theSKRBrochure or click here

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